Makani Cabin Varnish Job

I sanded all of the interior teak on my islander "MAKANI" and refinished it with Epifanes Matte finish varnish. It has a flat varnish look almost like the original but should last a long time. Below are some pictures of my interior.

I recently completed restoring Makani to practically new condition inside and out. I used 2 foot sections of 1/4" marine ply with marine grade foam backed vinyl for the headliner. I used 2" teak strips to hide the seams. I can remove my entire headliner in 30 minutes for any repairs or leaks.

You are welcome to check out my Islander at A dock #725 in the Sausalito Yacht Harbor. It is very close to Tim's Califia. I am here most weekends and a lot during the week.

Dan Hendrickson

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Set up to work
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lots of sanding ...
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and nicely done.
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Really looking ...
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