Melody's Strut Repair Summer 2013

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to thank you for your help and suggestions in the summer when I found out that our strut had broken while we were on the central British Columbia coast on our way to Alaska.

We did get the boat back to Nanaimo without any issues with the temporary repairs that were done in Shearwater (near Bella Bella) picture below. (a bit ugly but worked)

I talked to Kurt Russell at Marine Hardware quite a few times and he was very helpful but the pictures he sent me of the struts they have molds for seemed quite different than mine. The shipyard that I was using convinced me that they could get one fabricated quicker from S S that would be as good or better than the bronze one so that's what we did. (pictures below)

It seems to be a good job but I suppose time will tell !!!

Thanks again and good sailing.

Bob & Helen Manning
Bob & Helen []

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New SS Strut
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