Fall Meeting & Winners Dinner
Oakland Yacht Club
November 6, 2010

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Friday's nice weather saw Ophira, Groovy, Woodbine & Snowflower arrive at the Maina Village docks. Gary & Pat Salvo hosted hors de oeuvres & cocktails aboard Ophira, and then they all, including Alan Warren and Skipper & Nancy Wall, joined Ron & Karen Damsen for a fun dinner aboard Woodbine.

For the main event, we had 76 folks representing 30 boats show up for the Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner at Oakland YC. They came to exchange greetings, nibble on goodies, and generally have an enjoyable and relaxed time. The list is shown below.


Boat Owner Crew
Because Tim & Rhonda Shea
Brigid Corky & Anna Stewart
Captain Hooke Tom & David Newton Steve Newton, Bob Nunn, Jason Scott, Beau Woodward
Cassiopeia Kit Wiegman & Naomi Wortis Delightful 3 year old Yvonne!
Celebration Ken & Miriam Rappolt
Diana Lou & Diane Zevanov
Everyday Gail & Mervin Giacomini
Falcon Bruce & Donna Hallberg
Freedom Won John & Nanci Melton
Groovy Alan Warren
Kindred Spirits Don & Barbara Henderson
Luna Sea Dan Knox & Myphi Alloy Suni Petersen, Karen Kleckner
Mai Pen Rai Noble & Barbara Brown
Mistral Fred & Barbara Cucksey
Nantucket Richard & Gina Doyle
Natural High Dennis & Judy Bush
Ophira Gary & Pat Salvo
Orion Ed Gallagher & Ray Duran
Pacific High Harry Farrell & Carol Williams Veronica Bedolla, Brad Bergman, Deb Fehr, Dory Ryan
Pacific High Michele Williams & Matt George Tony Mendes, Dave Gardner, Don Scott
Paradesia Rick Vulliet Gail Rockwell
Pegasus Robert Aston & Mary Gleim
Serenity Eric Mueller Nancy O'Malley
Snowflower Skipper & Nancy Wall
Tenacious Kris Youngberg
Vanishing Animal Rick & Sandy Van Mell
White Horses Rob Blenderman & Ruby Wallis
Woden Bob Knickerbocker & Maureen Drotleff
Woodbine Ron & Karen Damsen
Zenith Art & Betsy Fowler
Zingara Steve & Jocelyn Swanson Dan Colton, Leslie Few

We joke about it, but it's quite impressive how good we all look "with clothes on." Coats, ties, and beautiful dresses were in abundance. Best of all, there was a warm and friendly spirit all evening. Racers got a chance to catch up with other crews and swap stories about skippers and cruisers.

Elaine Mendes, Oakland YC's supurb Beverage & Catering Manager, skillfully moved the whole crowd to the tables to get dinner under way. A light salad started things off, followed by the chosen entrees of Tri-Tip, Game Hen or Risotto. The excellent entrees didn't need any help, but the seasonal fruit sorbet for dessert topped it all off. And, bottles of white wine appeared on the tables compliments of Dan Knox, and bottles of red wine appeared compliments of Harry Farrell.

Mary Gleim & Betsy Fowler, with lots of help from Ron & Karen Damsen, plus Pat Salvo & Nanci Melton, decorated the tables, organized registration and arranged the great big table full of Door Prizes. Each boat with a reservation had an envelope ready with individual name tags, raffle ticket stubs for each person, and a place card to put on the table of their choice -- and tables were reserved for boats that brought their whole crew. That sure make checking in easy. The list of prizes appears with the pictures of the prizes below.

Mary Gleim, teamed up with Myphi Alloy and Nanci Melton to hand out the Door Prizes with humor and aplomb. A great new twist was the each prize winner picked a ticket from the jar for the next winner. Made it all go smoothly. There were several rounds of prize offerings during the evening. The last laugh was when Fred Cucksey won the free haul out at KKMI. Since Fred's boat is now a catamaran on the east coast, he playfull said, What am I bid!" Lots of shouts ensued, including offers of the big bottles of door prize wine. Pacific High offered two bottles -- and the trade was done!

Commodore Williams kicked off the official business between the main course and dessert. Part of her great presentation was a slide show set to music of the event for the year. Here's a link - it's in PowerPoint and 11 MB, so be patient: Slide Show.

Committee reports were quick and to the point: Dennis read the Spring Meeting minutes which were quickly accepted; then Membership Chair Bob Knickerbocker sensed the crowd needed no long speeches and simply replied, "We got lots of members!" to cheers from all; Pat Salvo picked up on the vibration and reported, We've got money!", Kris Youngberg said it simply - "get measured"; and Webmaster Rick Van Mell said, "We've got a web page! It was a good year.

Of course there was some fun business too. The Fall Meeting is also our Winner's Dinner - time to celebrate the year's victors. That included Season's Championship winner Rich Shoenhair aboard Windwalker, who also won the Nationals Regatta. Unfortunately, Rich wasn't present to appreciate the applause. The Crew Award went to Tom Allegretti aboard Orion, the Bay Area Association for Disabled Sailors boat. Dan Knox, Luna Sea, and Harry Farrell, Pacific High, both got the Racing / Cruising award for their continuing commitment to both activities. The cruising Award went toCarol Williams for her many years of organizing cruises and her creativity in making so many of them special. Dan Knox, Luna Sea, was declarded the winner of the "I Don't Give A Chut" prize for the Vallejo race.

The Schneider Trophy goes to an individual for outstanding contribution to the Association.

"This silver plated champagne bucket was donated to the Islander 36 Association, Fleet One, San Francisco Bay, by John R. (Russ) Schneider, a past winner of several Islander 36 championships. This champagne bucket is awarded by the Commodore with the advice of the board of directors, in recognition to one or more individuals for their continued dedication and generous support of our Islander 36 Association. This champagne bucket is to be a perpetual trophy, to be awarded annually at the Islander 36 Association fall meeting." This year's most deserving winner, is Kathryn Munn Hodgkins of Mischief for her years of dedication to the fleet as our Newsletter Editor and contributions to the Door Prizes for many years.

The main order of business, and the official purpose of the Fall Meeting, is to elect Officers for the 2011 season. Your 2011 Officers are: Commodore Robert Aston, Vice Commodore John Melton, Treasurer Pat Salvo, Secretary Ray Duran, Measurer Kris Youngberg, & Past Commodore Michele Williams. Appointed positions include: Fleet Captain Dan Knox, Cruise Chair Tim Shea, Membership Chair Bob Knickerbocker, Newsletter Editor Bill Ray (from Lake Texoma!), and Webmaster (TBA)

So enjoy the pictures. We're looking forward to seeing all of our members for at least one function in 2011, and hopefully we'll have new members to join us as well. Our members outside the immediate Bay Area are always welcome to let us know when they are coming to town and we'll do our best to get them out on the water. This year, Ken & Miriam Rappolt (Celebration) flew in from Hawaii, and Dan Knox was planning to take them sailing.

Now, you, your family and crew have a happy and safe holiday season. See you all next year.

Pictures by (some coming from Ron Damsen, Betsy Fowler & Lou Zevanov) & Rick Van Mell. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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Friday aboard Woodbine...
[Click to enlarge]
lots of fun!
[Click to enlarge]
Right this way ...
[Click to enlarge]
for a beautiful evening
[Click to enlarge]
Gary, Noble & Barbara
[Click to enlarge]
Donna & Bruce Hallberg
[Click to enlarge]
Miriam & Ken Rappolt
from Hawaii ...
[Click to enlarge]
with Michele, Dan
and John
[Click to enlarge]
Corky & Anna ,
Orion crew
[Click to enlarge]
You two again?!
[Click to enlarge]
Genoa is on watch
[Click to enlarge]
Bar crowd
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Pat, Betsy & Karen ...
[Click to enlarge]
hard at work ...
[Click to enlarge]
Don Scott & Dory Ryan
[Click to enlarge]
Tony & Elaine Mendes
[Click to enlarge]
Carol, John, Nanci & Nancy
[Click to enlarge]
Barbara & Diane
[Click to enlarge]
Zingara & Serenity
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Door Prize table

Door Prizes

N0. Donation Donor Person Donor Boat Winner
1 Gift Card A:  $50 West Marine Acquaviva, Jay Island Fever Maureen Drotleff
2 Gift Card B:  $50 West Marine Acquaviva, Jay Island Fever Ray Duran
3 Shadow Box with I36 burgie A Annonymous Annonymous Gail Giacomini
4 Shadow Box with I36 burgie B Annonymous Annonymous Dan Knox
5 Basket o' stuff Annonymous Annonymous Don Henderson
6 Card pack A Aston, Robert Pegasus Lisa Chatelat
7 Card pack B Aston, Robert Pegasus Ken Rappolt
8 Card pack C Aston, Robert Pegasus Barbara Brown
9 Biscotti A Damsen, Ron & Karen Woodbine Joycelyn Swanson
10 Biscotti B Damsen, Ron & Karen Woodbine Barbara Cucksey
11 Abalone Mirror Doyle, Gina Nantucket Naomi Wortis
12 Glass Beaded Key Chain A Doyle, Gina Nantucket Myphi Alloy
13 Glass Beaded Key Chain B Doyle, Gina Nantucket Michele Williams
14 2-I36 shirts The Embroidery Factory, Benicia, CA n/a Dave Gardner
15 Christmas Cards A Fago, Margaret n/a Karen Kleckner
16 Christmas Cards B Fago, Margaret n/a Kit Wiegman
17 Card pack A Fago, Margaret n/a Lou Zevanov
18 Card pack B Fago, Margaret n/a Harry Farrell
19 Card pack C Fago, Margaret n/a Mary Gleim
20 Jams pack A Gleim, Mary Pegasus Dave Newton
21 Jams pack B Gleim, Mary Pegasus Nanci Melton
22 Wine & Bottle stopper Henderson, Don & Barbara Kindred Spirits Art Fowler
23 Haulout Gift certificate Keefe Kaplan Maritime, Inc. (KKMI), Pt. Richmond, CA n/a Fred Cucksey
24 Pattern and instructions for V-berth sheets Munn, Kathryn Mischief Corky Stewart
25 Chocolate Sauce selection Shea, Tim Lean Times Bob Nunn
27 Napa gift basket Shea, Tim Lean Times Pat Salvo
28 Napa Valley weekend Shea, Tim Lean Times Robyn Aston
29 $20.00 gift certificate A Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda, CA n/a Gary Salvo
30 $20.00 gift certificate B Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda, CA n/a Rick Van Mell
31 $20.00 gift certificate C Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda, CA n/a Skipper Wall
32 $20.00 gift certificate D Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda, CA n/a Suni Petersen
33 $20.00 gift certificate E Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda, CA n/a Brad Bergman
34 Necklace and matching earings Van Mell, Sandy Vanishing Animal Donna Hallberg
35 I36 Towel Sets A Wallis, Ruby White Horses Jason Scott
36 I36 Towel Sets B Wallis, Ruby White Horses Tom Allegretti
37 I36 Towel Sets C Wallis, Ruby White Horses Dan Colton
38 Marine 5 Fire Extinguisher 2-pack West Marine - Alameda, Alameda, CA n/a Rhonda Shea
39 Starbucks Gift Card Melton, Nanci Freedom Won Betsy Fowler
40 Wine Bottle opener set A Williams, Michele Pacific High Diane Zevanov
41 Wine Bottle stopper Williams, Michele Pacific High Barbara Henderson
42 Wine Bottle opener set B Williams, Michele Pacific High Nancy O'Malley
43 Nautical Bag with Goodies Williams, Carol Pacific High Eric Mueller
44 All Islander 2010 Shirts for crew I36 Association n/a Toni Mendes
45 Glass Beaded Key Chain C Doyle, Gina Nantucket Tim Chatelat
46 Glass Beaded Key Chain D Doyle, Gina Nantucket Bob Nickerbocker
47 Glass Beaded Key Chain E Doyle, Gina Nantucket Ruby Wallis
48 Glass Beaded Key Chain F Doyle, Gina Nantucket Leslie 
49 Boating Pocket Reference Annonymous n/a Seth
50 Custom tote bag Bergman, Brad Blockbuster Ron Damsen
W1 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Ed Gallagher
W2 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Rob Banderman
W3 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Steve Swanson
W4 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Deb Fehr
W5 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Dennis Bush
W6 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Rick Vulliet
W7 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Matt George
W8 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Beau Woodward
W9 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Noble Brown
W10 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Mervin Giacomini
W11 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Dory
W12 1.5L Bottle White Wine Dan Knox Luna Sea Anna Stewart

[Click to enlarge]
I-36 shadow box
[Click to enlarge]
Great tote ...
[Click to enlarge]
wine gear ...
[Click to enlarge]
be safe!
[Click to enlarge]
Be pretty!
[Click to enlarge]
Be snug & warm
[Click to enlarge]
Thirst quencher
[Click to enlarge]
More goodies
[Click to enlarge]
Great cards ...
[Click to enlarge]
Fresh baked!
[Click to enlarge]
Full of goodies
[Click to enlarge]
Bags for cruisers
[Click to enlarge]
The big stuff
[Click to enlarge]
Allan, Fred & Don
[Click to enlarge]
Dan, Karen & Ken
[Click to enlarge]
'Appies went fast
[Click to enlarge]
Rick Vulliet & Gail Rockwell
[Click to enlarge]
Who needs food?
[Click to enlarge]
Tim, Mary & Rhonda
[Click to enlarge]
Deb checks in ...
[Click to enlarge]
all smiles.
[Click to enlarge]
Mary & Myphi handle
Door Prizes
[Click to enlarge]
Rick & Sandy
[Click to enlarge]
Yvonne & Naomi
[Click to enlarge]
Michele starts the meeting
[Click to enlarge]
Michele & Harry
[Click to enlarge]
Race / Cruise winners
Dan & Harry
[Click to enlarge]
Season's Championship
Windwalker couldn't attend
[Click to enlarge]
David & Tom ...
double trouble!
[Click to enlarge]
"I Don't Give A Chute"
[Click to enlarge]
Carol gets Cruising Award
[Click to enlarge]
Tom Allegretti - Crew Award
[Click to enlarge]
Rick says ....
[Click to enlarge]
[Click to enlarge]
2011 Officers: Michele, Robert
John, Pat, Ray & Kris
[Click to enlarge]
Appointed: Bob, (Robert)
Dan & Tim
[Click to enlarge]
Fred wins KKMI haul ...
[Click to enlarge]
traded for wine!!!
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