Fall Meeting & Winners Dinner
Oakland Yacht Club
November 3, 2012

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For the main event, we had 58 folks representing 26 boats show up for the Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner at Oakland YC. They came to exchange greetings, nibble on goodies, and generally have an enjoyable and relaxed time. The list is shown below.


Boat Owner Crew
Califia Tim, Lisa & Carl Bussiek Jim Ryan
Cassiopeia Kit Wiegman  
Celebration Ken & Miriam Rappolt  
Diana Lou & Diane Zvanov  
Everyday Gail & Merv Giacomini  
Falcon Bruce & Donna Hallberg  
Fantasy Gene & Cheryl Novak  
Four Choices Bob & Robin Scholl  
Freedom Won John & Nanci Melton  
Kindred Spirits Don & Barbara Henderson  
Luna Sea Dan Knox & Myphi Alloy Risa Corwin, Bonnie Aiello
Mischief Charles Hodgkins & Kathryn Munn  
Natural High Dennis & Judy Bush  
Ophira Gary & Pat Salvo  
Pacific High Harry Farrell  
Pegasus Robsert Aston & Mary Gleim  
Some Day Roy & Melinda Samuelson  
Tacoma Blue Rich & Takae Watters  
Vanishing Animal Rick & Sandy Van Mell  
Vivace Bill & Pattie O'Connor  
White Horses Rob & Ruby Blenderman  
Windwalker Rich & Tom Shoenhair Donna Domina, Joe Kidd
Woden Bob Knickerbocker & Maureen Drotleff  
Woodbine Ron & Karen Damsen  
Zenith Art & Betsy Fowler  
Zingara Steve Swanson Maribeth Kibbey; Suni Petersen; Corey Lynch

We joke about it, but it's quite impressive how good we all look "with clothes on." Coats, ties, and beautiful dresses were in abundance. Best of all, there was a warm and friendly spirit all evening. Racers got a chance to catch up with other crews and swap stories about skippers and cruisers.

Our favorite Elaine Mendes, Oakland YC's supurb new General Manager, with help from John Melton, skillfully moved the whole crowd to the tables to get dinner under way. A light salad started things off, followed by the chosen entrees of Tri-Tip, Salmon or Risotto. The excellent entrees didn't need any help, but the seasonal fruit sorbet for dessert topped it all off. And, bottles of white wine and red wine helped wash it all down.

Commodore Melton recognized Ken & Miriam Rappolt for coming the farthest to the meeting. They sail their Islander Celebration from Honolulu, Hawaii, though this time they came by plane!

Sandy Van Mell & Betsy Fowler, with lots of help from Ron & Karen Damsen, plus Nanci Melton, decorated the tables, organized registration and arranged the great big table full of Door Prizes. Each boat with a reservation had an envelope ready with individual name tags, raffle ticket stubs for each person, and an entree card to put on the table of their choice -- and tables were reserved for boats that brought their whole crew. That sure make checking in easy. The list of prizes and winners appears with the pictures of the prizes below.

Sandy Van Mell, teamed up with Myphi Alloy and Nanci Melton to hand out the Door Prizes with humor and aplomb. There were several rounds of prize offerings during the evening.

Of course there was some fun business too. The Fall Meeting is also our Winner's Dinner - time to celebrate the year's victors. For the first time in a long time, we awarded the Ormand Cup to the winner of the Party Circuit Series - Spinnaker Division. The winner was Rich Shoenhair aboard Windwalker. Tim Bussiek and his Califia crew won the Party Circuit Non-Spinnaker trophy. The Buster Hammond Non-Spinnaker Season's Championship winner was Rich Shoenhair aboard Windwalker. The Nationals Regatta winner was Kit Weigman aboard Cassiopeia.. The Winton Cruising Award went to Rich & Takae Watters.

The Schneider Trophy goes to an individual for outstanding contribution to the Association.

"This silver plated champagne bucket was donated to the Islander 36 Association, Fleet One, San Francisco Bay, by John R. (Russ) Schneider, a past winner of several Islander 36 championships. This champagne bucket is awarded by the Commodore with the advice of the board of directors, in recognition to one or more individuals for their continued dedication and generous support of our Islander 36 Association. This champagne bucket is to be a perpetual trophy, to be awarded annually at the Islander 36 Association fall meeting." This year Pat Salvo of Ophira was the most deserving winner for here years of dedication to the fleet.

The main order of business, and the official purpose of the Fall Meeting, is to elect Officers for the 2013 season. While often the Vice commodore moveds up to commodore, our 2012 VC Ray Duran has pending business commitments that will likely have him out of town for much of next season. So, by nomination from the floor, John Melton (Freedom Won) agreed to continue on as 2013 Commodore. The rest of your 2013 Officers are: Vice Commodore Ray Duran (Orion), Treasurer Pat Salvo (Ophira), Secretary Tim Bussiek (Califia), Measurer Lou Zevanov (Diana), & Past Commodore Robert Aston (Pegasus). Appointed positions include: Fleet Captain Kit Wiegman (Cassiopeia), Cruise Chair Ruby Blenderman (Wild Horses), Membership Chair Bob Knickerbocker (Woden), Newsletter Editor (to be determined), and Webmaster Rick Van Mell (Vanishing Animal).

So enjoy the pictures. We're looking forward to seeing all of our members for at least one function in 2013, and hopefully we'll have new members to join us as well. Our members outside the immediate Bay Area are always welcome to let us know when they are coming to town and we'll do our best to get them out on the water. This year, Ken & Miriam Rappolt (Celebration) again flew in from Hawaii, easily getting the award for most distant participant.

Now, you, your family and crew have a happy and safe holiday season. See you all next year.

Pictures by Rick Van Mell. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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Elaine does magic
[Click to enlarge]
Starting Door Prizes
[Click to enlarge]
Bar set-up
[Click to enlarge]
Nice tables
[Click to enlarge]
John's ready for ...
[Click to enlarge]
Rob & Ruby ...
[Click to enlarge]
Sandy too ...
[Click to enlarge]
plus Dan.
[Click to enlarge]
Robin & Bob
[Click to enlarge]
Registration Betsy
[Click to enlarge]
Talk time ...
[Click to enlarge]
Nanci & Barb
[Click to enlarge]
Kit & Art
[Click to enlarge]
Pattie & Bill
[Click to enlarge]
Ron & Ken
[Click to enlarge]
Don, Roy & Melinda
[Click to enlarge]
Robert, Mary & Gene
[Click to enlarge]
Just smile!
[Click to enlarge]
Getting settled
[Click to enlarge]
John & Harry
[Click to enlarge]
Rich & Tom
[Click to enlarge]
Bruce & Donna
[Click to enlarge]
Here we go!
[Click to enlarge]
Show time
[Click to enlarge]
The crowd
[Click to enlarge]
Tim, Lisa & Carl
[Click to enlarge]
T Shirt pile ...
[Click to enlarge]
Door Prize pile ...
[Click to enlarge]
lots of ...
[Click to enlarge]
great goodies ...
[Click to enlarge]
all along ...
[Click to enlarge]
looking neat ...
[Click to enlarge]
just your size ...
[Click to enlarge]
cute guys!
[Click to enlarge]
Live saving.

Door Prizes

No. Donation Donor Contact Donor Boat/Company Winner
1 Bag Brad Bergman Blockbuster Tom Shoenhair
2 Crane Note Cards & Pen ?   Melinda Samuelson
3 (2) Sailor Sculptures Diane Zevanov Diana John Melton
4 (2) Islander Sweaters Bill & Terry Ray Exit Strategy Diane Zevanov
5 Comfort Food Cruise Basket  Nanci Melton Freedom Won Rich Shoenhair
6 Portfolio/wallet/belts/sandles/key chian Robin Sodaro/Vicki Hood Sails, Sausalito Betsy Fowler
7 Carmel Basket Barb Henderson Kindred Spirits Pattie O'Connor
9 SailorBag tote Barbara Brown Mai Pen Rai Dennis Bush
10 V-Berth Sheets & All Islander Logo Pillow Kathryn Munn Mischief Cheryl Novak
11 Wine Basket Judy Bush Natural high Bonnie Aiello
13 Pirate Lair & AC water bottles Pat Salvo Ophira Steve Swanson
14 2012 All Islander T Shirts for crew Ken/Amy Miller Pirates' Lair, Sonora Bob Knickerbocker
15 2012 All Islander T Shirts for crew Ken/Amy Miller Pirates' Lair, Sonora Lou Zevanov
16 $500 Certificate for Bottom Paint w/Haulout James Morgan Svendsen's, Alameda Donna Domino
17 $500 Certificate for Bottom Paint w/Haulout James Morgan Svendsen's, Alameda Joe Kidd
18 Necklace & earrings Sandy Van Mell Vanishing Animal Pat Salvo
19 4 pack of lifejackets Dan Niessen West Marine, Alameda Tim Bussiek
20 4 pack of lifejackets Darryl Santuray West Marine, So SFO Takae Watters
21 2012 All Islander T Shirt quilt & pillow Ruby Wallis White Horses Mary Gleim
21 2012 All Islander T Shirt pillow Ruby Wallis White Horses Corey Lynch
22 Special sculpture Ruby Wallis White Horses Dan Knox
23 Woodbine Goodies Basket Karen Damsen Woodbine Robert Aston
24 Zenith Wine Basket  Art & Betsy Fowler Zenith Miriam Rappolt
25 Wine bottle with special jacket Art & Betsy Fowler Zenith Sandy Van Mell
26 Haul Out/Wine Bottle Erica Kaplan z-KKMI, Richmond Ron Damsen
27 Tote with dock lines Erica Kaplan z-KKMI, Sausalito Art Fowler
28 Hand made Cutting Board Roy Samuelson Someday Jim Ryan
29 Hand made Photo Cards Robert Aston Pegasus Gary Salvo
30 Hand made Photo Cards Robert Aston Pegasus Risa Corwin
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John gets it started
[Click to enlarge]
Good stuff...
[Click to enlarge]
good eats ...
[Click to enlarge]
[Click to enlarge]
Pay attention ...
[Click to enlarge]
Old Guard
[Click to enlarge]
over here!
[Click to enlarge]
Now really ...
[Click to enlarge]
let's eat ...
[Click to enlarge]
and smile ...
[Click to enlarge]
more eats ...
[Click to enlarge]
[Click to enlarge]
Bob & Maureen
[Click to enlarge]
An award for ...
[Click to enlarge]
Dan, made from ...
[Click to enlarge]
his boat parts!
[Click to enlarge]
Secretary report
[Click to enlarge]
Membership report
[Click to enlarge]
Measurer report
[Click to enlarge]
Cruising Award
Tacoma Blue
[Click to enlarge]
Hammond Trophy
[Click to enlarge]
Nationals Trophy
[Click to enlarge]
Carol Williams Award
[Click to enlarge]
(does it float?)
[Click to enlarge]
Very Special.
[Click to enlarge]
Schneider Trophy
Pat Salvo
[Click to enlarge]
2013 racing thoughts
[Click to enlarge]
2013 Officers.
Kit, Rick, Lou, John,
Pat, Bob, Tim, Ruby
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