January 1, 2006
Blown Out New Year's Day Cruise!!!

Neither rain, nor wind, nor cold, nor black of day could entice even the heartiest of islanders to set sail for the annual New Year's Day 'Round Alameda parade.

But leave it to Cruise Chairs Smokey & Laurie Stover, undaunted by winds gusting to 40 knots and driving rain, to round up a gang to at least drive the route, sample the chili and Bloody Marys along the way, and otherwise uphold the honor of the Islander fleet. He even managed to round up Art & Betsy Fowler and Dennis & Judy Bush to go along. Here's Smokey's story:

"We had a pretty good time yesterday and Betsy got a few pics. Our adopted grandkids Donny, Amber and Ashley had joined us for New Years Eve so we took them to the cruise around Alameda with us.

The wind was howling and I was at least worried about getting my prop fouled and washing up on the mud - where Evanescence might remain until the next high tide. We drove around and stopped at the Aolean YC. Lots of people were there with the same idea and I didn't see any boats under way all day.

Art and Betsy Fowler (Zenith) arrived with their neighbors, Peter & Wendy vander Linden to have some chili and hot dogs that were served. Bloody Mary's were popular as a choice to 'the hair of the dog that bit them'.

Next stop was Ballena Bay for yet more chili, hamburgers and hot dogs. Dennis, Judy and Matt Bush (Naturanl High) intercepted us there, and yes - more Bloody Mary's!

Next stop for everyone was the Encinal YC where they had chili hot dogs, clam chowder and a well stocked 'Bloody Mary Bar'. Charles and Kathryn Hodgkins (Mischief) were there to greet us.

This put us well into the afternoon before we said our good-bye's and got home just in time to see the last of the 49'ers game as they narrowly beat the worst team in the NFL - in overtime.

I am not sure what happened to Jonathan and Linda, (Pulau) who were thinking of joining us, but we missed you there as well.

Have a nice New Year, Smokey"

At Balena Bay Yacht Club

[Click to enlarge]
Judy & Dennis Bush
Natural High
[Click to enlarge]
Peter & Wendy vander Linden
& Art Fowler
[Click to enlarge]
Smokey Stover & Judy Bush
[Click to enlarge]
Dennis Bush & Laurie Stover

At Encinal Yacht Club

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Judy Bush & Laurie Stover
[Click to enlarge]
Art Fowler, Smokey Stover
& Dennis Bush
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Betsy & Art Fowler
[Click to enlarge]
Peter & Wendy vander Linden
+ Matt & Donny

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