Islander 36 Association

Racing Eligibility & Registration

Thank you very much for considering racing with the Islander 36 fleet. To be eligible to race with us, you need to:

1. Race Entry & Fees for the YRA and ODCA are available at: A PHRF certificate is NOT necessary to race with the Islander fleet in our regular racing season. You can send an email with questions to:

However, if you wish to race in a PHRF section of races sponsored by other yacht clubs you will need a PHRF certificate, and you will need to include a copy of your PHRF rating form with your application for their races. Measurement information for an Islander 36 to apply for a PHRF Certificate is listed at the bottom of this page.

2. Be a current member of a yacht club. (

3. Be a current member of the Islander 36 association

4. Get your boat measured by our fleet measurer. If you haven't been previously measured (once is enough!), contact our Measurer Kit Wiegman (510) 522-9800, or to schedule your boat measurement so you can get a Measurement Certificate. You can check out the mesurement requirements and process at Racer Certification

5. Mark your calendar with the Islander 36 fleet season races. Our race schedule is available in the middle column of the Home Page Menu: Home Page Menu

To assist you in completing the PHRF form, if you want one, the "standard" Islander 36 data is:

Designer: Alan Gurney
Year of design: 1971
Boat type: Islander 36 ODR
HDA sportboat?=No

Largest headsail=135%
JSP = leave it blank
Type of rig = MS
Mast Material=Aluminum


Mizzen data; Not applicable. Leave it blank.

Spinnaker data; Not applicable. Leave it blank.

Length overall=36.08
Waterline length=28.25
Maximum beam=11.17
Maximum draft=6.083

Total=13450 lbs
Ballast material=lead
Trapezes/Hiking strap?=No
Is any of your ballast movable?=No

Keel type=fixed


# of blades= 2 or 3

Fixed, folding, or feathering=Fixed means the blades don't change position or orientation, folding means they fold to the centerline, longitudinal axis of the shaft, feathering means they rotate on the hub to a horizontal position presenting a leading edge to the flow of water (i.e., Maxprop)

Unmodified boat class=yes
Modified boat class=no
Non class custom boat = no

Welcome to the fleet!

For more information about racing, E-Mail:

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