Giant's Game Cruise

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Avid Giants baseball fan Dan Knox once again garnered a block of 25 tickets so fellow Islanders could enjoy a game together. Most tickets were quickly spoken for, and by game time, not a one was left!

Again under Dan's leadership, slips were arranged at Pier 39, on the city waterfront, because the local Pier 40 (really next to AT&T Park, but actually a long way from Pier 39) has fallen under the "City of SF" efforts to make money. (For example, just to touch and go to pick up a passenger, they want to charge you $15!) The overall plan called for a cruise in (or drive in) to Pier 39 on Friday in time for dinner at The Crab House, spend the night, and then head for AT&T Park on Saturday for the afternoon game.

Indeed, Luna Sea, Woodbine, Freedom Won and Natural High arrived on Friday and enjoyed dinner.

The rest arrived on Saturday, and the fun was on. Now we don't really want to take all the credit, but the Giants were coming into this game on a 4 game loosing streak to the Colorado Rockies. Was it our I-36 Cheerleaders of Karen, Judy, Pat and Nanci that inspired the crowd to cheers and bring victory?! Well, it was really in doubt as the giants fell behind 4 to nothing early in the game. They came back to pick up 3 runs in the 6th, and another in the 7th to tie the game.

But, going into extra innings, the Rockies pulled ahead in the 10th, 5 to 4, with a solo home run. Then the Giants, with one on, it was a long blast ..... but it hit the right field wall and rolled toward center field. Racing around 2nd and heading for 3rd, the runner was flagged on to home plate. The 3rd base coach raced alongside as the hitter scored an inside-the-park home run and the Giants won the game!

So you can see the smiling faces back aboard Freedom Won Saturday night as we Islanders took just a little credit for the victory.

It must have been just what the Giants needed, because they went on to win Sunday's game too, taking a 2 of 3 series victory, and moved into a tie for the NL West lead with Arizona, one game ahead of the Rockies.

Here's the list of the great Islanders attending, followed by some pictures.

Boat NameCrew
4 R SanityRoger and Linda
BecauseTim and Ian and Friends
WoodbineRon and Karen
Freedom WonJohn and Nanci and Friends
Luna SeaDan and Myphi
L.S. CrewSteve and Risa
Natural HighDennis and Judy
OphiraPat and Gary
White HorsesRob and Ruby

Pictures by (so far) Ron Damsen. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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Look who is ...
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taking pictures of ...
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Nanci, John
Judy & Dennis.
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Nanci celebrates ...
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John's legs, and ...
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Judy & Dennis
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Sat morning Islanders ...
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Dock mate
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Giants cheerleaders ...
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AT&T Park flags.
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Ron & Karen .. play ball!
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Saturday dinner on
Freedom Won

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