Strut Replacement

July 13, 2006
From: Philippe Masiee
Magothy River, MD (Near Annapolis)

The immediate reason my prop shaft broke is that I hit a lobster pot in Long Island Sound.

Electrolysis had eaten all the zinc from the alloy ( as you know brass is a blend of copper and zinc). Aas a matter of fact, when we scratched the bottom paint off the strut it was of a rose color.

I found the manufacturer for a new strut from the list of Original suppliers which I received shortly after I became a member of the Islander club.

Supplier of strut: Marine hardware Inc. Redmond, Washington 98052 phone: 425-883-0651.

When I called them they had two in stock, I took one, if no one ordered the other, they should still have it. In any case they are probably willing to forge more, but at greater cost.

Corret was built in 1980 and launched in 81 so it had been in water a good long time.



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Lobster Pot Encounter!
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Base is out
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Not good!
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Brand new one
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Looks very secure
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Back in business

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