Treasure Island Flea Market Cruise

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It was a cold and stormy day..... no that was yesterday!

Leaving Emery Cove Marina to T I for the first time, Bella Luna was welcomed by seasoned Sailors on Ophira and Natural High then Pacific High for a total of 4 Islanders on the old and dangerous Guest Dock!

Side ties and good friends make for a good day IF you like crowds of people, peddlers and food trucks of various blends! The Harbor Master of the day welcomed us with a $36.00 bill for a day pass and off we were to the local Harbor bar for liquid energy to sustain us until lunch!

The crowds of people and dogs were as diverse as one would expect from all over the NORTH BAY. The music was a garage band with heavy metal to be followed by the Blues Brothers or Men in Black want to be's!

After walking 10,724 steps, this old man (and several others I'm told) retreated to the comfort of our sailing vessels for naps or quick exits due to prior engagements and blustery 15 KN winds! With the help of a 130% jib, Bella and owners made it to the homeport at 7.0 knots, hopefully to live another day on the BAY!


Robert DaPrato ~~~~~_/) s/v Bella Luna

Here's the list of our great participating Islanders and some pictures from the cruise to the Treasure Island Flea Market on Saturday, April 23rd.

BoatOwner & Crew
Bella LunaBob DaPrato & Maria Santiago
Natural HighDennis & Judy bush
OphiraGary & Pat Salvo
Pacific HighHarry & Suzy Farrell
White HorsesRuby & Rob Blenderman + Kim

Pictures by Bob DaPrato. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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Tied up ..
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Pacific High
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Natural High
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Bella Luna
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Long view
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Maria, Gary & Pat
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Silent Sentinals ?
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Flea Market fun ...
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in spades.
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Beautiful Bay Bridge
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Possible new home of
Treasure Island YC
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Preliminary design ...
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and pictures.
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Heading out.

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