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We also feature a member's boat on our Home Page each month (or more often if we get a big backlog!) That is the first section below - Monthly Features. If you'd like your boat's picture here, here's how.

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Monthly Features

Roger Milligan &
Larry Terzian
1/1/99 - 2/28/01

Blue Streak
Don Schumacher
3/1/019 - 3/31/01

Blue Moon
Brian Jacobs
4/1/019 - 4/30/01

Mark Wyatt
5/1/01 - 5/31/01

Jim "Smokey" Stover
6/1/01 - 6/30/01

Kindred Spirits
Don Hendrson
& Peter Wilhite
7/1/01 - 7/31/01

Bill Higdon
8/1/01 - 8/31/01

Jim Robinson
Non-Spinnaker Champ??!
9/1/01 - 9/30/01

Vanishing Animal
Rick Van Mell
10/1/01 - 10/31/01

Fred Harbaugh
11/1/01 - 11/30/01

Daphne Jackson
12/1/01 - 12/31/01

Commodore Gary Salvo
1/1/02 - 1/31/02

Larry Gotch
2/1/02 - 2/28/02

Mike Reed
3/1/02 - 3/31/02

Sails Call
John & Deb Giachino
4/1/02 - 4/30/02

Ralph Greenwood
5/1/02 - 5/31/02

Ashley Trewman
6/1/02 - 6/30/02

Doug Dyer
7/1/02 - 7/31/02

Joseph Krensavage
8/1/02 - 8/31/02

Joseph Krensavage
9/1/02 - 9/30/02

Ken Landis
10/1/02 - 10/31/02

Steve Hodges
11/1/02 - 11/30/02

Ron & Karen Damsen
12/1/02 - 1/31/02

Jeff & Paula Crosby, Bellevue, OH
2/1/03 - 2/28/03

Lou & Diane Zevanov
3/1/03 - 3/31/03

Pacific High
Vice Commodore Harry Farrell
4/1/03 - 4/30/03

S. W. Horn
5/1/03 - 5/31/03

Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins
6/1/03 - 6/30/03

Mike Reed
7/1/03 - 7/31/03

Joe & Sandi Vanni, Ventura, Ca.
8/1/03 - 8/31/03

Larry Reinstra & Smokey Stover
9/1/03 - 9/30/03

I-36 Nationals
10/1/03 - 10/31/03

Hard a-Glee
Stephen Study
11/1/03 - 11/30/03

Larry Gotch
2/1/04 - 2/29/04

Ashley & Katherine Trewman
3/1/04 - 3/31/04

Lean Times
Tim & Rhonda Shea
4/1/04 - 4/30/04

Upwind at the Race Clinic

Mustang, Joseph Krensavage
Freedom Won, John Melton
Zenith, Art Fowler
Four Cs, Julian Cohen
Pegasus, Robert Aston
Photo by Kimball Livingston, Sail Magazine
5/1/04 - 5/31/04

10 of the 24 Islanders
at Petaluma

6/1/04 - 6/30/04

Solace, Snowflower, Freedom Won,
Kindred Spirits & Vanishing Animal

at Fitzgeralds in the Delta
7/1/04 - 7/31/04


Ken & Judy Ziegler
Taken during the 2004
Newport Beach to Ensenada race.
8/1/04 - 8/31/04

Betsy Fowler

flies Zenith's burgee

9/1/04 - 9/30/04

June 5th Knox Race

Yellow Bluff Mark Rounding
Taken by VC Mike Dickson
10/1/04 - 10/31/04


Bill Carrothers
Lake Travis,
Austin, Texas.
11/1/04 - 11/30/04

Bill Higdon gets
Winton Award
from Dennis Bush

12/1/04 - 12/31/04

Lean Times drives upwind

1/1/05 - 1/31/05

John & Marion Rodall
at Ladysmith, Vancouver Island,
January 8, 2005
2/1/05 - 2/28/05

Steven Harrington's Ciara graces the Boston Courthouse

3/1/05 - 3/31/05

Len Diegel's Katana
off Egmont Key at the
mouth of Tampa Bay.

4/1/05 - 4/30/05

Steve Hodges'Frolic
off Santa Cruz Island looking toward Anacapa Island
in the Channel Islands of Southern California.

7/1/056 - 7/31/05

Doug & Bobbie Brandt's Joey Lee
off Pentwater, Michigan.

1/1/06 - 1/31/06

Bob Knickerbocker's Woden
Great February dreams!

2/1/06 - 2/28/06

Dale & Dena Snearly's 36 Double Ds
Baja Bound

3/1/06 - 3/31/06

Don Schumacher's
Blue Streak
Exits the Gate

4/1/06 - 4/30/06

Tom & Carol Embertson's
Secure at Presque Isle Bay
on Stockton Island, Apostle Islands
Lake Superior

7/1/06 - 7/31/06
[Click to enlarge]
Freedom Won
2007 Cruise Chair John Melton
Heads for Vallejo

2/1/07 - 2/28/07
[Click to enlarge]
The Ladysmith Yacht Club co-hosted
the annual Thetis Island Regatta along
with the Thetis Island Pub, on Saturday
May 12th. The race this year attracted
about 43 sailboats, and the course is
from just north of Preedy Harbour,
clockwise around Thetis, Reid, Kuper
and Tent Islands, to a finish just south
of Telegraph Harbour. Our Holole’a
acted as the starting boat; we took a
nice shot of I36 “Frendy” just after the
start line in about 20 knots of wind.
Vancouver Island is in the background.
She is skippered by Charlie Park, and
she sails out of Garden Bay, B.C.
John and Marion Rodall

6/1/07 - 6/30/07

FROLIC Isla San Jose

The attached image was taken of FROLIC in July by Ivers Schmidt as we headed North in the Sea of Cortez along the West coast of Isla San Jose. Ivers' trawler and FROLIC passed port-port as he headed South to his home in La Paz. He hailed us on VHF and we exchanged email addresses.... We went on to anchor further North off San Jose, and then Agua Verde, Isla Carmen and onward to San Carlos.... And then the dreaded truck trip back to Santa Barbara.
Best wishes, Steve & Susan Hodges

2/1/08 - 2/29/08

Philippe & Shirley Masiee
Magothy River, MD

8/1/08 - 8/31/08

Yellow Bird
Skip and Gerri Smith
Annapolis, Maryland
Chesapeake Bay (summer) – Bahamas (winter)
This photo was taken somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between North Carolina and Florida as we were traveling south last fall.

9/1/08 - 9/30/08

Exit Strategy
Bill & Terry Ray,
Fort Worth, TX
Lake Texoma

10/1/08 - 10/31/08

Natasha 1
Bert & Carey Vermeer,
Sindey, BC

51/09 - 5/31/09

Natasha 2
Bert & Carey Vermeer,
Sindey, BC

5/1/09 - 5/31/09

Steve & Sally Olsen,
Bainbridge Island, WA
Puget Sound enroute
to Bedwell Harbor

6/1/09 - 6/30/09

Stephen Study,
Galvaston Bay, TX
After 7 month Refit

7/1/09 - 7/31/09

Kit Wiegman
San Francisco Bay
Single Handing

3/1/10 - 3/31/10

Kim Peterson,
Resurrection Bay, Alaska

6/1/10 - 6/30/10

The Irish Rogue
Garry Connors,
San Francisco Bay

9/1/10 - 9/30/10

Jocelyn & Steve Swanson
San Francisco Bay

11/1/10 - 11/30/10

Island Girl
Frank Burkhart
San Francisco Bay

1/1/11 - 1/31/11

Into The Mystic
Brian Higgins & Janice Pober
Sherman Oaks, CA

2/1/11 - 2/28/11

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I-28 Et Ux
Pictures from Tom & Janet Fenker for 2010 All Islander Rendezvous. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

[Click to enlarge]
I-28 Et Ux
[Click to enlarge]
Cockpit view

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Wonder what an Islander can take? Zac Sunderland, at least briefly, laid claim to the youngest solo circumnavigator, and did it aboard an Islander 36: http://www.zacsunderland.com/index.html

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Lipton Cup 2010
Pictures by Barbara Brown. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

[Click to enlarge]
Luna Sea &
Mai Pen Rai (245)
[Click to enlarge]
Mai Pen Rai

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Dayna Marie

Dayna Marie is Glenn Zimmermann's Freeport 36. Picture by Erik Simonson of www.h2oshots.com.
[Click to enlarge]
Looks good coming ...
[Click to enlarge]
and going.

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Kachina is Len Cardoza's Islander 28. Picture by Erik Simonson of www.h2oshots.com.
[Click to enlarge]
Going fast ...
[Click to enlarge]
Nice Bridge.

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America's Cup

Our very own Gary & Pat Salvo were on hand at the Golden Gate Yacht Club on Friday, February 19, 2010 when Larry Ellison & the America's Cup arrived still dripping from BMW Oracle Racing's Valencia victory. It's certainly worth of two stout guards to keep it company too.

[Click to enlarge]
Gary & Pat
[Click to enlarge]
Standing watch

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I-55 Quintessence

Qunitessence is John Townsend's Islander 55.

Hi there,

I see that in history of Islander yachts that you mention that Quintessence, Hull # 2 by Tradewinds yachts has disapeared!

I purchased Quintessence, previously owned by Dr Rex Tarr, in 2002. He sold her to Kenneth Mc Nitt and I purchased the boat from him in the BVI

. Quitessence had been lying neglected in the BVI and in a very delapidated state. She is now just comming out of a major 3 year refit and is a most attractive vessel. She still has the name Qintessence. I get comments daily on the beautiful lines of Q.! I thaught you might be interrested in this bit of updated info.

I would really appreciate any other info you might have. I see hull# 1 was commisioned for the Beach Boys. Attached is a photo taken before the refit. I have photos of her now which I can send you if interrested. I also have a photo of the original 1600's built in whine cabinet which has been removed in the refit.

I have Quintessence listed for sale for 425K if you know of anyone looking for a real boat!

Kind Regards,
John Townsend

[Click to enlarge]

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Southern Mist

Southern Mist
at Cayo Guano del Este
south coast of Cuba

Click pic to enlarge.

Here is a picture from Patric Lengacher of "Southern Mist" anchored at Cayo Guano del Este on the south coast of Cuba. He says, "We spent 2 months there this year and are back in Mexico now.

Cuban waters were the best we have seen so far in terms of clarity, colors and abundance of fish and of course lobster. It's also a great place for anyone seeking solitude. Heading to Belize soon and then Guatemala to seek shelter for the rest of the hurricane season." His home port is Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Here's the rest of the story:

"Hm. Let's maybe start at the beginning. I bought the boat in Florida, 1.5 years ago. While looking for it I also met a girl who is my crew since then till next week, she is gonna leave. The boat was ready to go cruising, with fridge, watermaker, SSB Radio, maststeps, dinghi, davits etc. I only added solarpanels, built in a better autopilot and got a BBQ. Now we also have dive equipment but no compressor (yet).

We left St. Petersburg to sail to Key West, then spend 3 weeks in Cuba before going to Mexico, around May 2014. Then we sailed down to Belize and Guatemala for the hurricane season. Beginning of 2015 we went to Honduras, spent a couple months there, mostly diving in Roatan and then crossed North to Cuba where we spent 2 months on the south coast. Now we are back in Mexico.

It was my dream to go cruising on my own boat since I was 24. I took me 3 years to learn sailing and then I left to buy a boat. Now being out since 1.5 years shows me that this was the best decision. Learned so much and enjoying it every day.

Since I only know this side of sailing I have some questions: When you guys go racing with your Islanders, do you empty them?
[ED: Some do, some don't.] I guess you still have a fridge and a stove? [ED: Yes.] Or do you have them completely empty so that you are lighter and faster? [ED: Some do, some don't.]

Also I'm still learning about sail trim. In nice wind we usually go 5.5 to 6.5 knots. Or thats at least what I think. :) But finally my GPS tells me my average speed is usually 4.5 to 5 knots. What do you think should be the normal speed for a quite heavy I36? Btw, our fastest was 10.7 over ground, with the countercurrent in Cuba last year and 20knots of wind.

Let me know if you want to hear more about our adventure, we also have a blog that is bilingual since a year.


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Willow's Refit

It's a tribute to the strength, performance and beauty of an Islander that many people invest in a complete refinishing of their boat. Mike Finch is currently going through the process with Willow up in Gresham, Oregon. His wife Karen has done a terrific job of photographing the process and posting it to a web page. It's still a work in progress, but hopefully you can stop back from time to time and find more pictures right up until launch and first sail! They are doing it the totally right way - every fitting comes off, and you can be sure it's going to be simply beautiful! Here's the link to Willow's Refit.

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Geja in the Mediterranean

[Click to enlarge]
Geja in 2009 ...
[Click to enlarge]
in Trogir, Croatia ...
[Click to enlarge]
looks great ...
[Click to enlarge]
dockside with ...
[Click to enlarge]
Burgee flying ...
[Click to enlarge]
great sail.

Here's the continuing saga of Andrew Vic's adventures through 2010. Though the links below also seem to still work, here's a more current one with enough pictures to absolutely convince you that there is an utterly romantic charm to Med cruising. http://sailgeja.com.

Exotic places? Fine wine & women? On an Islander? Member Andrew Vic's adventures appeared in a great 'Lectronic Latitude article: (http://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/lectronicday.lasso?date=2008-09-17&dayid=169 ).

Like the article said, it's been the summer of a lifetime. What it doesn't mention is my feeling of the Islander 36. I guess I'm more of a modern production boat kind of guy who likes lots of interior volume and a sugar scoop swimstep. To be honest, plastic classics like the I-36 never interested me. But I must say that Geja is one sweet sailing boat - a pure joy to sail! She is easy on the helm, stiff, stable, and doesn't pound too much. In 1700 miles this summer (2008) in the Med I've had her on every imaginable point of sail and wind strength. Again, what a joy she is to sail.

2017 Update:


Member Andrew Vic keeps his I-36 Geja in the Med, with 10 glorious summer sailing seasons, particularly around Croatia. Here are links to this season's cruise, including some impressive pics only a drone can take. Group 1 link. and Group 2 link.

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Global Islander

Global Islander? Axel Seifried from Germany wrote: "I own an Islander 35 for 6 years now and successfully cruised the south pacific. But now it's back to work for me and the boat is for sale in Sydney/Australia. I would like to post the details on your website but I'm not a member of your association. Please let me know if you would post the details." As fast as we said, "Yes," he'd gotten an offer. But, he replied, "I invite you and all members of the association to visit my website and read the interesting story of a great cruising vessel. The link about Ira Ricarda is the history before I bought her. The Guest Log and Captains Log tell you about my journey and the picture link shows you lots of great pictures from the trip that took me up and down the US east coast, to Panama and across the Pacific Ocean to Sydney in Australia. The latest pictures from Sydney will follow in a few days. It's hard to sell a great boat that always took care of me and my guests." Ira-Ricarda Web Site

Kind Regards
Axel Seifried
s/v Ira-Ricarda

[Click to enlarge]
In Pittwater
[Click to enlarge]
In Pittwater
[Click to enlarge]
More Pittwater
[Click to enlarge]
Engine before seal replaced
[Click to enlarge]
Pittwater stern view

Great Artistic shot.

Here is kind of a cool shot I took during a recent haul-out at Maple Bay.

John and Marion Rodall

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Season's Greetings

This great greeting was composed and submitted by Neil Lefmann, True North (F-36) with The Brothers, marking the entrance to San Pablo Bay, in the background. Enjoy! [Click to enlarge]

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Islander Fleet - June 5th, 2004.

The fleet, 15 boats strong, rounds the Yellow Bluff weather mark on the Knox course in the race on June 5th, 2004.

(Picture compliments of Mike Dickson.)

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Ron Damsen waves from the cockpit of Woodbine as she sails across the San Francisco city front.

(Picture from Ron Damsen, taken in May 2004..)

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Luna Sea's Broken Mast

What a lousy way to end a day of sailing! Steve Murphy & Kurt Smith's Luna Sea was sailing in the usual blustery waters between Angel Island and the Golden Gate on March 20th when her starboard main chainplate pulled out. When the spar folded just below the lower spreader, the end went in the water just aft of abeam, and Islander spars being as tough as they are, Luna sea was suddenly 36 feet long and about 30 feet wide!

This naturally made her a little slow through the water! It was also tough to get the sails off her and back to a dock. But after lengthy discussions with Vessel Assist, she was towed to an end tie in Emoryville marina, then into a 65' long slip which still had the top of the mast underwater at the far side of the slip. After a couple of days of trying to get the rig back on deck or cut off, they called the crew at Svendsens's Boatworks to perform an amputation and finally get Luna Sea to Svendsen's dock for permanent repairs.

(Pictures compliments of Steve Murphy and Art Fowler.)

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Misty's Mascot

Dale Mackereth sends mascot Tinker Bell topside on Misty #278 to watch for whales! Unfortunately they sail out of Superior, WS on Lake Superior and poor Tinker is getting frustrated at the lack of whales. Unless you count that big laker in the distant background - some of which were once called "whalesback" carriers! (Click to enlarge.)

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Ralph Greenwood sails Tranquility on San Francisco Bay. Here she is with Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Marin headlands in various pictures on a typical Bay Day. Photos by PaparazziH2O.com taken in 2002.

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Prize Winning Liberty

Emotional Rescue Two
John Sorensen
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Powered up!! Go FAST mode.

Don Schumacher's "Bluestreak" shows us how to go FAST!!!

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Bokonon in Panama

Many thanks to Herb and Margo for the photo of Bokonon in a snug spot up the Chagres River in Panama where they sat for a couple of weeks listening to the howler monkeys. E-Mail Herb & Margo

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Zoe in Resurrection Bay

Many thanks to Geoff Feiler for this wonderful picture of Zoe hard on the wind taken in Resurrection Bay. Somewhere in the middle - about two miles out of Seward, Alaska. Seward is the "sailing capital" of Alaska. The mountains are part of the Chugach Range - too many of them to name. E-Mail Geoff

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Sails Call in Transformation

The transformation of 'Bout Time into Sails Call is a great example of the new lives given to I-36 hulls around the country. She comes out gleaming and sails beautifully. Congratulations to John & Deb Giachino!

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Aquarius in Fairfield, CT

The photos of Aquarius on the mooring was at Pequot YC in Farifield, CT. The boat had just been launched and the sails were not on yet. We've added a nice vent for the aft port bunk, mounted our instruments where they are most handy, and, of course no boat is complete without a mascot! You see, I am the "Soccer mom" for the Darien High School Sailing Team and our county championships were held at Pequot. I had 17 (all with lifejackets on) high school sailors on board at the start/finish line. Great fun, Darien came in 3d in the county. Larry Gotch 5/27/99 E-Mail Larry

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Silver Salmon - Prince William Sound

Silver Salmon at their best. Prince William Sound. Note the third reef! Fresh icecubes in Prince William Sound.

Pictures compliments of Paul Johnston, Anchorage, AK E-Mail Paul

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Vixen in Canada

A mark's-eye view! Glad they missed me.

Pictures On Lake Memphremagog, 5 miles in Vermont, 25 more in Canada. Pictures taken by Tim Doherty, 2 miles into Canada, before races were cancelled for lack of wind. Compliments of Michael Hamblett.

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Drakes Bay - 1994

I-36 rendezvous at Drakes Bay, 25 miles north of the Golden Gate. 1994
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Islanders Ashore & Afloat

The Islander on land and sea. Pictures compliments of Frank Burkhart.

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Swan - Gulf Islands, B.C.

Doug Dyer sends these peacefull pictures of Swan among the Gulf Islands, British Columbia.

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Hurricane Gabriel

Catalina sunk.

Catalina floats.

Bad Cat!

Katana, safe & sound.

From Len Diegel,

I'm forwarding a couple of pictures that I thought you might find of interest. Needless to say, the marina was less than thrilled with the performance of their new docks. More than 6 boats sank as the result of broken cleats, pilings, or disintegration of the slips.

I'm including a shot of "Katana" at Snead Island's slips. She moves to Twin Dolphins Marina in Bradenton next week. The Catalina 36 was actually on the bottom and raised the next day. I had the adjoining slip F33. Note the number on the power box. Had Katana been in the water on time, it too would have been on the bottom. She used one "life" the weekend Gabriel blew into town. You soon realize the importance of "hardened" cleats, adequate pilings, and properly installed docks/slips.

Best regards,
Len, "Katana", October 01.

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